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《环球人文地理》——(原《国家人文地理》)中华人民共和国教育部主管,电脑报集团旗下全彩色新锐人文地理旅游杂志(月刊)特色《环球人文地理》——中国唯一一本真正以人文为中心的地理旅游杂志。不同于传统地理杂志教科全书式的架构方式,亦趋异于旅游类杂志的非严谨性,我们以更加符合高端群体追求快节奏及消遣阅读习惯的故事性讲述方式,将人文地理以严谨通俗的方式展现。影响力《环球人文地理》——联合国教科文组织世界遗产博览会指定合作媒体,亚洲人文地理研究会中国唯一合作伙伴。《环球人文地理》——发行网络覆盖全国(含港、台地区),单期发行量超过38万册,阅读群体超过120万,影响力及号召力在全国人文地理旅游类媒体中排名第一。Cultural Geography ——a prestigious multicolored monthly of geography,culture,and tourism founded and printed by CPCWCultural Geography.a uniqe chinese geographical monthly focused on culture and tourism ,is the best choice for elite reading public in pursuit of fast reading of such themes in a smooth narration Cultural Geography is the only chinese associate designated by World Cultural and Natural Heritage Expo, UNESCO,and Asian Cultural Geography Research Center.With a circulation of over 380,000 copies each issue and over 1.2million of readers,the influence and allying point of Cultural Geography rank at the first of its king.
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